4th Quarter 2020 Update

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By the end of 2020, Safe Water Africa (www.safewaterafrica.com), assisted by our partner Joel Rugano, will have funded and installed forty two (42) safe water purification systems (10 this year) in Tanzania for rural pastors on church property. These systems will provide clean safe drinking water for thousands of men, women and children at 42 different rural churches and communities in 10 provinces (regions) of Tanzania where they also provide an invitation tool for pastors to share the “living water” and the Gospel with their communities. Illnesses and deaths from contaminated water have been reduced greatly and many have been introduced to the Gospel. Thousands of lives have been improved by this “living water”

Eight (8)  additional projects are in the planning phase for completion in 2021 which will bring  the total to fifty (50) project installations on church property in Tanzania serving thousands of men, women and children

DONATE: We would love for you to join us to help support our next 8 projects at www.safewaterafrica.com/donate/

  • $50 Battery
  • $100 Pump
  • $500 Water Tank
  • $900 Chlorinator
  • $6,000 Complete System

All our US administration personnel are volunteers