Welcome to Safe Water Africa

Safe Water Africa is a 501(c)3, non- profit organization founded in 2011 with the mission and purpose  of empowering rural Christian pastors in Tanzania, Africa by providing safe clean purified water to their churches and communities.

Access to safe, clean drinking water is one of the leading humanitarian problems in the world. Safe water can transform an entire community from waterborne sickness and disease to one of focusing on faith, improving health, education, and opportunity-especially for women and children. It changes everything!!

Our safe water ministry provides two significant blessings to the pastors, churches and communities in Tanzania.  (1) we address the tremendous humanitarian need and (2) we provide the local pastors with an important outreach tool to invite the community to the church, not only to share the safe clean water but to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In doing so, their even deeper spiritual need can be met as they learn of the one who is a ” fountain of living water”

Our administrative personnel are all volunteers and our Board members fund miscellaneous administrative expenses so 100% of your donated funds are used to complete the water purification installations in Tanzania.

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Water is Life! In the Gospel, Jesus and his apostles refer to “living waters” and “springs of living waters” as a blessing God wishes to provide all people.

Access to safe drinking water is a huge issue worldwide for 1 in 10 people or almost 800 million people. Unsafe water and lack of sanitation kill over 30,000 people each month with children affected the most. We address this basic need and at the same time we provide the pastors with an outreach tool to bring the community to the church to share the safe water and also share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Currently, Safe Water Africa has funded and installed Seventy nine (79) water purification systems listed below in Tanzania for rural pastors on church property. These systems will provide clean safe drinking water for thousands of men, women and children at 79 different churches and communities in 23 different provinces(regions) of Tanzania where they also provide an invitation tool for pastors to share the “living water” and the Gospel with their communities. Illnesses and deaths have been reduced greatly and many have been introduced to the Gospel. Thousands of lives have been improved by this “living water”.

Twelve (12)  additional projects are in the planning and funding  phase now which will bring  our 2024 total to 91 project installations on church properties in Tanzania serving thousands of men, women and children.

79 different churches and communities in 23 different provinces (regions) of Tanzania