Our Projects

By the end of 2018, Safe Water Africa funded and installed twenty two (22) water purification systems listed below in Tanzania for rural pastors on church property. These systems will provide clean safe drinking water for thousands of men, women and children at 22 different churches and communities in 6 different provinces of Tanzania where they also provide an invitation tool for pastors to share the “living water” and the Gospel with their communities. Illnesses and deaths have been reduced greatly and many have been introduced to the Gospel. Thousands of lives have been improved by this “living water”.

Eight (8) more projects are in the planning and funding stages for installation by mid -2019 bring the total to 30 project installations on church property in Tanzania.

Project List and MAP Locations
Map Location Pastor Chruch
1 Temeke, Dar es Salaam Christom Ngowi Temeke EAGT
1 Mtoni, Dar es Salaam Paul Chisoro Mtoni EAGT
1 Kongowe, Dar es Salaam Aurelian Ngonyani Truth International Ministries
1 Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam Peter Lukindo Christian Life Church Kawe
1 Keko,Temeke, Dar es Salaam John Mfuko EGAT Keko juu
1 Tegete, Dar es Salaam Fanuel Shekihiyo Tegeta KLPT
2 Bagamoyo, Pwani Apoloneria Massawe Boko EAGT
3 Dihombo, Morogoro Kassim Ramadhan Dihombo Glory of God
4 Kisongo, Arusha Rogers Shemtambo Kisongo EAGT
4 Kibowa, Arusha Sifael Mchome Kibowa Orphanage
4 Nebere, Arusha Robert Said Mollel TAG Gibeon
4 Suye, Arusha Simon Vomo TAG Suye
5 Nzega, Tabora Rueben Mwakalonge Ziba Bible College
5 Ziba, Tabora Nestory Michaeli Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania at Ziba
5 Nkinga, Tabora Jeremia Paul Mangala Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania at Nkinga
6 Mbeya, Mbeya Benjamin Eliamboto Redeemed Gospel Church
6 Iziwa, Mbeya Festo Mwasayove Pentecoste Holiness Church
6 Ilemi village, Mbeya Jumanne Stemule Ilemi Pentecost Holiness Church
6 Songwi, Mbeya Benjamin Kihwovele Pentecost Holiness Association Mission
1 Mbagala, Dar es Salaam Gilbert Francis Weja MJI WA Faraja EAGT Church
Chamwino Village, Dodoma Joseph Eija Mpali Petecoste Association Mission Church
Kikombo Village, Dodoma Samson Msasu Kikombo Assembly of God Church

22 different churches and communities in 6 different provinces of Tanzania

Photos of Installations:

  • $50 Battery
  • $100 Pump
  • $500 Water Tank
  • $900 Chlorinator
  • $6,000 Complete System

All our US administration personnel are volunteers